Four Lakes Loop

In light of the fact that I’m moving out of the country in a week, this is a mostly photos post.

Two women, two dogs, five days in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. An epically early meltout gave us access to the high country around the Four Lakes Loop in late May. We had nearly perfect weather, solitude, brilliant stars, a textbook bear encounter, a one deer stampede, and good laughs to share. I will remember playing Blisters, 5 Up / 5 Down, and Rummy 500. I will remember Oscar’s malaise and his multiple midnight trips to the bushes. I will remember finding the red tarp and the sign that said “Help me!”. I will remember a hasty exit in Grants Pass. I will remember smoked oysters from a tin and a gallon bag of trail mix (my “rookie move”). I will remember enough to carry the memories with me to Europe until next summer, when I will return and do it again.

Some Changes

This blog has been a little stale lately and I apologize. I haven’t been on that many blogworthy adventures in the last two months because it was about that time that I learned that I was selected as a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow. This means that we will be packing up and moving to Germany for a year, starting in late June.

I’ve been busy getting a jump on learning German and slowly shaking loose the deep roots I have in the Pacific Northwest to live abroad for a year. I’ve got one or two more trips planned in the PNW in the next month that will be blogworthy, but after that, things are going to change.

This change also means a change for this blog. I will be living out of two suitcases for the next year, so the only outdoor gear coming along for this adventure are my hiking boots, some polypropylene, and my camera.

Rather than start a new blog, I’m going to continue to post photos and writings about the outdoors here, but they will have a very different flavor. There will be more travel photos, more urban adventures, probably a diatribe or two about cultural differences. You’ve been warned.

If you’re in Europe and you want to connect for an adventure, please contact me! We will be living in Germany from July 2014 – May 2015 and traveling freely in June/July 2015. We don’t have a firm agenda yet and are open to suggestions. Please contribute some ideas, especially for multi-day bicycle tours in the Alps.

Danke Schön!