I Love You, Catherine Creek.

I’ve been out to visit the Catherine Creek area three times in the last 30 days.

Now that’s love.

I love you in the drizzle.

I love your views of Mt. Hood.

I love your mossy syncline.

I love your red tails.

I love your eastward views.

I love your Desert Parsley.

I love your Labrynth.

I love your flower-lined singletrack.

I love this little thing.

I love your many seeps.

I love your Grass Widows.

I love your Shooting Stars.

I love your Little Maui.

So does Patti.

I love your Coyote Wall.

I love that you usher in spring.

I love your reflections.

I love your geology.

I love that you have the first spring wildflowers.

I love your picnic spots.

Oscar loves your sunsets.

But not your ticks...

Ramblin' 'round Catherine Creek and Coyote Wall


Four long days in New York City.

basking in a brief ray of sunshine in the canyons of Midtown

secondary sunshine

wildlife at the excellent Natural History Museum

world class dioramas

the thrill and terror of biking through Midtown

My love/hate relationship with CitiBike


art along The Highline

red, blue, old, new

the 10th Avenue Overlook

The Highline: an incredible piece of public infrastructure

a cardinal in Prospect Park


the only sign of spring I saw all week

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

flying into Seattle over the Alpine Lakes

always get on the right side of the plane

Mt. St. Helens crater

Smith Rock

Staender Ridge

morning light on the Crooked River

the Crooked River

light on rock, 2


Monkey Face

light and rock

Gray Butte and the east end of Smith

leading on Red Wall

Misery Ridge trail

little stones in rock pocks

Canadian geese on Asterisk Pass

the drive-up viewpoint

morning light on Asterisk Pass