A three-day, two-night spring tour through the largely trail-less Crooked River National Grassland. We went looking for sunshine and found much, much more.

roasted peeps for Easter (s'meeps)

I have plans for a very fancy hat rack

The Sisters

65 degrees and sunny, though the creek was much, much colder

Rainbow Rock

The Confluence

sand lily

shaving Oscar may have been premature (32 degrees at night)

Bill E. Goat

not quite spring

sleeping with his eyes open

checking out the geology

oh, deer.

last year's burned area

geology sandwich

Not bad for March...

5 thoughts on “Rimrock

  1. You got some great pictures–the deer (yikes) and peeps! Too funny!

    Growing up in Seattle, we went to Eastern Washington every summer for vacation. I loved it. The mini “grand canyons” were so fun to explore. I’d spend hours out there hiking by myself, exploring, taking photos. I once saw an entire dead cow. It was disturbing!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I’d love to get up and explore the scablands of Eastern Washington, and especially around Grand Coulee. Fascinating stuff!

  3. Hi Allison,
    Love your blog, and often use it for ideas as I’m still familiarizing myself with the northwest. I love the looks of this place. Do you have any beta on your route, starting point, water availability? I might want to head out there for a similar length trip in a couple weeks. Thanks!

  4. I can’t give you the exact route because I was sworn to secrecy. But I can tell you that we camped at Alder Springs one of the nights. You can access that camp from the Alder Springs Trail, east of Sisters. You can see Rainbow Rock from that trail, as well as from the north via the Scout Camp trail. There are several nice camps at the confluence of the Deschutes River and Whychus Creek. A quick Google search will give you all the details you need. I hope this helps!

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