Little Baldy

Sometimes there’s no real story to tell, only that it was a very good day on top of Little Baldy.

I heart hiking.

Little Baldy (background) with beargrass


Little Baldy summit

up the ridge through the beargrass

views abound

wildflower breather

Oscar takes in the view

steeper than it looks

We heard this eagle before he saw him, he was so close.


Mt. Hoods peeks out of the clouds

family portrait

the dogs pick the route down the west ridge

native american vision quest pit on the summit of Little Baldy

I heart hiking.

Little Baldy
9 +/- miles
Silver Star Complex (Washington)
Extremely rough road to trailhead; go slow. High clearance vehicles recommended.

2 thoughts on “Little Baldy

  1. Aah, beargrass! Green meadows! This makes me want to run out and hike RIGHT NOW. Too bad this is such a long drive from Redmond.

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