Goodbye, Summer.

Was last weekend the last weekend of summer?

Gauging by the weather system moving in tonight, yes. And it couldn’t have played out more perfectly.

A two-night trip to the family cabin on Lost Lake. Paddling, glorious swimming (in the short window you can do it without losing your breath), hiking, sunsets, sunrises, wild mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic, huckleberries, campfire mandolin songs, s’mores, friends, family, and one swamped rescue kayak.*

point to point

moonrise over Mt. Hood

golden chanterelle

slowest newt ever


little ducks and a red Mt. Hood

sunrise over Lost Lake Butte

* It’s all good. We swam it shore, emptied it using a log and our engineering skills, and paddled it safely home. Respecting it’s capacity limit, two of us hiked back instead of tempting another swamping. Lesson learned.

So long, summer. See you next year.

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