‘Tis the Season

What started out as a somewhat ambivalent solo hike to a curiosity in the Multnomah Basin turned into a very pleasant 15 miles of rambling through snow-covered, sun-dappled forest. I scampered over icy sheets of trail, admired frozen waterfalls, followed fresh cougar tracks for about two miles, ran into two friends on the trail, and watched the Gorge shed its afternoon light layers, from yellow to gold to red and then dark. It was a day that feeds the soul.

the ornament trail


snow-covered ornaments


candy canes along the ornament trail

This one's named Noel.

ornament selfie

grounded ornaments

along the ornament trail

icy Multnomah Falls


sunlight along the top of the ridge

looking straight into a bitter east wind

the dappled sunlight was just lovely

moonrise over an icy Multnomah Falls

In fact, I was so stoked from the hike that I forgot that I put my DSLR camera on top of the car while changing my boots. I did remember later, on I-84 at 70mph, at which point I looked into the sideview mirror and saw it sitting on the roof, enjoying the ride.

Merry Christmas, to me!

Multnomah Basin – Devil’s Rest – Wahkeena Falls Loop
Columbia River Gorge
15.2 miles, 3900′ EG

9 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. That is so cool that someone put ornaments out there! Cute!
    Glad your camera survived. Holy cow, talk about a scare.

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