Tom Dick Harry Bill Oscar Karl

This was my first visit to Mirror Lake, the most popular trail on Mt. Hood. There was one sunny day in the forecast and so I rounded up my favorite hiking boys to go see how the snow was progressing on Mt. Hood.

The short of it is: it isn’t.

It was a glorious day to be outside. It was clear and cold and just enough snow had fallen to coat the trees in a beautiful white mastic. There was also just enough snow to hide the sheet of ice that was masquerading as a trail under our feet. Microspikes came in handy as we fought gravity up the Tom Dick ridge and again down into the upper bowls of Ski Bowl on the return.

on the way up to Tom Dick Ridge


morning light on the trail to Mirror Lake

flocking detail

hiking through the flock

hiking over a thinly coated sheet of ice

Mt. Hood, taken from ON Mirror Lake

Mt. Hood from Mirror Lake

breakable crust on Tom Dick Ridge

baby steps on the slippery talus

Mt. Hood

Bill on Tom Dick, heading to Harry

eyeing Mt. Jefferson

a clear view of Mt. Hood southside

we chose the "easiest" way down over "Cliffhanger"

within the ski boundary

JRT burrito

mutually beneficial warming system

like a prom portrait, but colder

Mt. Hood from Tom Dick Ridge

Oscar leads the way down "Canyon" at Ski Bowl

Mirror Lake + Tom Dick Harry Mountain + Ski Bowl Loop
7 miles
2,000′+ EG
Parked in the Ski Bowl parking lot (west end)
Oregon Sno-Park permit required between November 1 – April 30
Northwest Forest Pass required at the summer trailhead

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